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Bodies Like Pillows, Eyes Like Clouds

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Nina Katchadourian’s series of uninvited collaborations with nature contains a project wherein she attempted to mend broken spider webs using starched red sewing thread, sometimes adding new dimensions to the web. All of her repairs were rejected. Another of her works captures her attempt to patch mushroom caps.

Also crawling out of the forest, the eerie and organic folk of Big Blood’s Grove at Grown So Ugly. Digital facsimiles of the rituals will suffice for now, as the disc is only available at performances. Wild in the city and long hair in many stages, the coiffal history of Black Flag.

Anne Hardy’s world of interiors, scenes with no need for human characters. Scan galleries: 1968 Fender catalog, 1950’s - 1970’s advertising, and most striking of all Chutes Libre covers.

Ben Fry traces the roads of the America using US Census data’s TIGER/Line files, changing our understanding of our byways and identifying stark contrasting regions. Andy_house, a house that speaks through Twitter.