URIs Beyond Death

Monday, June 9th, 2008

In Japan, QR codes are being embedded on gravestones, creating a URI for accessing photographs and videos of the deceased via cellphones. Those who have strolled through cemeteries, wandering through aisles of strangers will wonder no longer. Mobile technology before death: cellphones now allow scientists the ability to track human movement much more precisely. The studies have revealed that the patterns closely follow power laws.

Two interesting news visualizations: TimesMachine allows you to flip through New York Times front pages back to 1851. Big Picture, a news blog exploring the power of a single image. It consists of a large format AP photograph selected from breaking news stories.

Photos of the Titanic from the Library of Congress. The artwork of Yellena James. The photography of Cecile Bortoletti and those represented by AR Photographic Agency. Wild Light: a wildlife photography blog.

Until the Kingdom Comes: artwork by Simen Johan. The Sea Inside: psychedelic ink drawings by Maia Valenzuela. The art of David Haines, who tarnishes delicate pencil drawings with gum, mosquitoes, and blood.

An interview with John Gall on book cover design, including some of his favorites.